Intel sued over circuit design

Chip giant Intel is being sued in a Delaware district court for alleged infringement of a circuit design.

AVM claims it owns US patent 5,859,547, called Dynamic Logic Circuit.  This patent concerns the implementation of logic functions using high speed and low power dynamic logic circuits, says the filing.

“The circuits disclosed in the ‘547 patent also can provide substantially constant power and substantially constant propagation delay. In one embodiment of the invention, a dynamic logic circuit includes a dynamic logic block; a precharge transistor; an evaluation transistor between the dynamic logic block and the precharge transistor; and a delay coupled to the precharge transistor for simultaneously activating the precharge and evaluation transistors.”

AVM alleges that Intel’s Pentium 4 processor – now defunct – uses circuitry similar to that in its patent. For example, AVM alleges, the delay circuitry in the Pentium 4 includes a MOS capacitor coupled to a power rail.

AVM is demanding a jury trial on the matter and wants damages and payment of its lawyerly fees.