Intel still searches for smartphone wins, rejigs roadmap

Chip giant Intel said at a conference yesterday that it hoped to make its first smartphone design win next year, and said Nokia’s change of direction was a blow to its plans.

But it won’t be drawn back into making semiconductors using ARM designs. According to the Wall Street Journal, CEO Paul Otellini said that X86 technology is still capable of thrashing ARM designs on power consumption. It also doesn’t want to shell out royalties to the British upstart.

He said that Intel had put a great deal of faith on its seven year relationship with Finnish giant Nokia. The chip company will bring in additional processors in the Atom range and will look to leverage its lead in process and transistor technology. It wants to produce chips that will only eat up 15 watts.

Otellini, said the Journal, can beat ARM designs from Nvidia, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm.  And he doesn’t foresee in any letup in Intel’s increased profitability.

As results from Dell and HP have shown earlier this week, sales of enterprise servers have rebounded and this is a lucrative sector that turns in big dollar for Intel.