Intel still rules the chip industry, analyst realises

Analysts at Mercury have suddenly realised that Intel is the market leader.


In what might be shocking to the rest of the world, who might have thought it Apple, AMD or Kate Middleton, Mercury has released a report claiming it was little known chip giant Intel at the top.


Intel has 81 percent of the x86 processor space in the first quarter, while AMD had 18.2 percent, both of which showed little change over the same period in 2010.


The figures cover the x86 chip market. It is slightly down on the 81.2 percent market share Intel had last year as is the same as it had in the fourth quarter of 2010.


Mercury was interested in where the missing .2 per cent went and it turned out it was not AMD, which also lost a .1 off its 18.2 percent market share.


Via had .9 percent, which was .2 percent during the same period last year.


Mercury analyst Dean McCarron said everything was fairly solid and the missing percentages were probably more due to the fact that the first quarter entailed 14 weeks when there are “traditionally” 13 weeks.


He said that x86 chip revenue in the quarter grew 1.1 percent, which he said was above the seasonal average of an 8.6 decline. However, when adjusted for a 13-week quarter, the revenue was down 6.2 percent, which is still better than the seasonal average.


This is the “third quarter in a row of significantly below normal year-on-year growth,” McCarron said .


However the decline in the yearly comparable growth appears to have stopped this quarter which means that sales “might go up in the coming quarters of 2011.”


It that happens we would not expect to see much change in the market share.