Intel still fears AMD

While AMD says it is losing interest in competing with Intel, Chipzilla still sees the outfit as a major threat.

Pat Bliemer, the Managing Director of Intel Northern Europe, told Nordic Hardware that Intel still told stories to its junior staff about the Llano bogie man and how it would carry them off in the dead of night.

Bliemer said that AMD has the lead in the Llano and Brazos market segment and Intel still sees AMD as a serious competitor.

AMD’s power is the price-to-performance arena rather than pure performance power. In other words it is cheaper than anything that Intel comes up with and gives punters value for money.

Ironically Intel has managed to deal with AMD on the manufacturing side and stole a lead in architecture and manufacturing.

Most of AMD’s response has been price driven, which is something that Intel has not been able to match, particularly in the low end of notebooks right now, which is largely fuelled by its Llano and Brazos products.

Bliemer said tht Intel and AMD are battling on how to convince people that integrated chips are good enough. With AMD’s Llano and the changes coming to the integrated graphics on Ivy Bridge (HD 4000), we are seeing how the integrated graphics is capable of playing HD content, games or accelerating applications better than before. That’s the spin, anyroadmap.

The goal has to be that in a few years time there’s not going to be any external graphics cards available any longer. Intel thinks that while it is never going to get 100 percent of the market, people will realise that what it has is good enough.