Intel starts shipping Atom D425 and D525

 Intel has started shipping its latest Atoms in line with its announcement earlier this month, reports Tech Connect.

The Atom D425 single-core and D525 dual-core processors are updated versions of the D410 and D510 models and have been created with a built-in DDR3 memory controller and are tipped to be used with netbooks and low powered desktop PCs.

Manufactured on 45nm process technology, the D425 will replace the D410 and features a higher 1.8GHz clock speed. The memory controller will add DDR3 support, up to 4GB in capacity with DDR3-800. DDR2 memory is continues to be supported in DDR2-667 or 800MHz speeds.

The D525 is the dual-core replacement for the D510. Like the D435 it also has an increase in clock speed up to 1.8GHz. It also meshes dual-cores processing with hyperthreading for four threads in total. Like the D435 it also has the memory controller to allow DDR3 memory – up to 4GB of DDR3-800. DDR2 continues to be supported as before at DDR2-667 and 800MHz speeds.