Intel SSD goes professional

Intel goes on a roll when it hosts IDF. This year, the company used the occasion to launch a family of solid state drives (SSD) for PC’s in the business world.

Intel is calling it the Pro 1500 Series and promising easy IT deployment, secure manageability, enhanced performance along with the added benefit of lower total cost of ownership.

That’s a big promise to live up to.

Intel vPro technology and an Opal management suite are part of the equation. Hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption and Opal key management protocols should make at least part of the promise possible.

Intel points out the benefits of using the Intel Setup and Configuration Software which allows IT managers to be proactive in addressing potential problems by remotely managing devices and extracting drive diagnostics to keep tabs on storage health.

Rob Crooke, Intel corporate vice president and general manager for the Intel Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group said:  “Tight integration with Intel vPro technology means we are able to deliver a complete solution for corporate business users.”

Something the SSD Pro 1500 Series offers is a means of improving battery life, as shown in the accompanying image. It goes into a deep sleep mode when the processor is not using the storage media.

Intel claims that the SSD Pro 1500 Series is engineered to reduce such costs and minimise employee downtime as a result of storage-related failures.

IT department budgets are negatively impacted by drive failures. Intel claims its SSDs experience at least four percent lower annualized failure rates than other SSDs and HDDs.

The platform specs include: Core i5-435OU Processor, 8 series chipset LynxPoint, Ultrabook form factor, and Windows 8 OS. Intel’s presentation included a list of the product details, including form factor and capacity, performance, power, and features.

The Pro 1500 Series joins with the data centre and consumer family of SSDs. The drives are being shown at IDF by Intel’s Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group.