Intel spy gets three years in clink

A former Intel worker who stole Chipzilla’s trade secrets when he changed his job to work for AMD has been sentenced to three years porridge.

Biswamohan Pani pleaded guilty in April. In addition to the jail term he was ordered to pay a $17,500 fine.

According to AP, Pani, 36, downloaded proprietary information while working for Intel in May 2008, shortly before announcing his exit from the company

Intel rival AMD hired Pani, but the company said that it did not know about his scheme, and has cooperated with investigators.

Intel said that the value of the documents Pani stole were worth between $200 million and $400 million.

It is not clear exactly what was in Pani’s mind as AMD never asked him to steal anything.

According to various sources he wanted to enhance his career and get onside with his new employers. Pani was an engineer and some sources claim that he wanted to palm the Intel ideas off as his own. This is why he was originally charged with fraud. Other sources reported that he just wanted to give AMD the documents, although that never appeared to happen.