Intel splits more secrets of the Atom

Unfazed by ARM’s criticisim of its technology as retrofit yesterday, Intel rolled out its first keynote here at Computex by telling the assembled masses that there’s more of the Atom to come. As expected, it’s announced a dual core Atom, we guess not because many people asked for it, but because Intel could do it.

It also showed off the newlook MeeGo and said Chinese auto maker Haw Tai Auto is going to go for it.

Dadi Perlmutter, who is co-general manager of Intel’s architecture group, talked about products it has on the way including the long expected Pine Trail mobile dual core chip as well as Oak Trail chips which it claims are just made for tablets.

It showed off a reference design it described as Canoe Lake, and it’s “razor thin” – well not quite as thin as a razor but still pretty slim at 14 millimetres.

Intel, Google, Sony and Logitech are teaming up on Smart TVs using Atom and Android Google TV.

Perlmutter also showed off other Atom devices including blade servers and multiple tablets.

We wonder if anyone is really going to flock to buy these tablets – we just returned from the distant exhibition hall where a number of vendors showed if not exactly pessimism about PC based tablets, a distinct lack of enthusiasm.

Perlmutter was made to say: “The Atom franchise can help consumers realise the true potential for a common experience to enable the compute continuum.” What this means only God knows and he’s got no Moses to help deliver these tablets to humankind.

Intel rolled Acer onto the screen to show off MeeGo devices it’s got waiting in the wings.

The Intel N566 and N475 are already available with DDR3 support. Yje D525 and D425 will be available at the Summer Solstice.

Ye Old Oak Trail won’t be out until next year and Intel is claiming it will be a right real goer.