Intel speeds up lower-end chips

Chipzilla has sped up its low-end processors, introducing new low-end Pentium and Core i3 processors running at the faster clock speeds.

The company’s new dual-core Core i3-560M and Pentium E6800 processors run at clock speeds of 3.33GHz which means that they are the fastest consumer chips Chipzilla has released.

This makes them the same clock speed as Intel’s Core i7-980X chip, Of course the six-core Core i7-980X chip has more cache, cores, and is made using an advanced manufacturing process, but heck the great unwashed are unlikely to know the difference.

The Core i3 and Pentium chips’ faster clock speed could help them be seen as outperforming other chips belonging to the same family and generation. Also, they are cheap. The Core i3 chip includes 4MB of cache and is priced at US$138 in units of 1,000, while the Pentium E6800 includes 2MB of cache and is priced at $86. The Core i3 processor uses the 32-nanometer process, while the Pentium is made using the 45-nm process.

It looks like Intel is trying to clear the decks before the release of the Sandy Bridge processors expected to hit shelves in the first half of next year. We are expecting Intel to tell us a little more about Sandy Bridge at the upcoming Intel Developer Forum, which will be held in San Francisco between September 13 and 15.

However the price list which came out recently has Intel shipping the Pentium E5700 dual-core chip for desktops, which runs at 3.0GHz, and is priced at $75. The high-end Core i7-950 processor has seen a 48 percent price cut to $294. The processor is now the same price as the faster Core i7-960 processor, which runs at 3.2GHz.