Intel speeds up Fab 20 refit on the Oregon trail

It seems that Intel’s retrofit of Fab 20 in Hillsboro is being sped up.

Although there have been mutterings that the project might be facing delays, the local papers in Oregon are now expecting work to begin by Halloween. One of the contractors, who had been told that the work would be delayed indefinitely, learned late last week that it’s been chosen as a prime contractor.

Chipzilla is not saying anything about the refit and has no plans to mention it when it issues its third-quarter financial results and fourth-quarter forecast.

The Fab 20 retrofit will be a major project, costing Intel billions of dollars.

The 16-year-old factory at Intel’s Ronler Acres campus was closed two years ago when it became obsolete.

But then Intel submitted a filing to state environmental regulators suggesting that the company planned to integrate Fab 20 into an adjacent research factory called D1C.

The Fab 20 project is called D1C Expansion. It is not clear what Intel wants to build there but it will be “existing high volume manufacturing”.