Intel snaps up Fulcrum in data centre move

Chip giant Intel said it bought Fulcrum Microsystems – a company that designs silicon in the Ethernet switch arena.

It’s all part of a transformation at Intel, claimed Kirk Skaugen, general manager of Intel’s Data Center division. He said that Intel is changing from a leading server technology firm to a top to bottom data centre provider.

“Fulcrum Microsystems’ switch silicon, already recognized for high performance and low latency, complements Intel’s leading processors and Ethernet controllers, and will deliver our customers new levels of performance and energy efficiency while improving their economics of cloud service delivery”, said Skaugen.

Fulcrum, based in Calabasas in California, is a privately held company so Intel doesn’t need to say how much it paid for the company.

It designs standards based 10GbE and 40GbE switch silicon which Intel says has low latency, workload balancing and delivers high network speeds.

Needless to say cloud computing was mentioned. Who but an idiot doesn’t mention cloud computing these days. Even Apple bangs on about the cloud.