Intel shows why it didn't want SeaMicro

Chipzilla has been showing developers in Bejing exactly why it was not losing any sleep over AMD buying SeaMicro.

Last month, Intel made it clear that it was not interested in SeaMicro, which was a server startup that AMD spent $334 million to buy.

This week it is showing off a low-cost, sub-10-watt micro server platform known as Centerton. It will roll into the same market that AMD will target with its SeaMicro acquistion.

VentureBeat  claimed that Centerton is clearly a response to AMD. Intel said that micro servers could account for 10 percent of all servers within the next three years, and the chip maker isn’t about to let AMD and its SeaMicro chums have it.

Centerton is a system-on-chip (SoC) Atom derivative which will run at six watts.

While it is no Medfield in terms of power efficiency, it is good for servers, particular in comparison with what Chipzilla has for sale at the moment.

Centerton will be in the shops in the second half of this year, will have two 32nm processing cores, use error correction code (ECC) memory, support 64-bit code, and feature Intel Virtualisation Technology.