Intel shows off wi-fi digital radio

On the last day of the Intel Developer Forum, the company’s chief technology officer, Justin Rattner, chose to demonstrate a device he dubbed the “Moore’s Law Radio”.

We can expect system on chip designs to be integrated in tablets and in smartphones, he said.  Everything in the “Interweb of Fangs” will talk to everything else so that, for example, if you wake up in the morning with a stinking hangover and can’t find your glasses because you are blind as a bat, you will be able to find them a lot easier.

He also described WiGig, which we heard something about earlier this week. This operates in the millimeter wavelength of the radio spectrum and can deliver a pretty impressive five gigabits a second of bandwidth. WiGig is an industry wide endeavour to rationalise conflicting standards.

He also showed off “Spring Meadow”, a very lyrical way of pre-processing internet traffic and managing traffic flow.

On the first day of IDF, Dadi Perlmutter pulled in a Mastercard banker to demonstrate a password replacement that includes “presence monitoring” to lock the device when it’s separated from the individual who owns it. When you pick it up it checks that it’s really you by biometric scanning.

He ended by describing something called Video Aware Wireless Network (VAWN) that is a collaboration between Cisco, Intel, Verizon and various academics with the aim of allowing better video streaming and optimising network performance.