Intel sets up internet of things division

Chipzilla has set up a business division aimed at making money out of the internet of things.

Once much mocked in the TechEye offices as the talking fridge technology, and now dubbed the internet of fangs, Chipzilla thinks that will be the next thing to happen after mobile and it needs to keep its hands on its things or lose them.

‘Internet of Things Solutions Group’ will report directly to Chief Executive Brian Krzanich and will be under the control of a thingee me bob Doug Davis.

Krzanich wants a higher level of focus on things to help Intel to grow into a bigger thing, Davis said.

In September, Krzanich announced that Intel was working on a new line of ultra-small and ultra-low-power microchips for wearable devices like watch things and bracelet things, along with an edibale thing  for biomedical uses.

The new thingee group combines an existing Intel business focused on chips for commercial and industrial devices with Intel’s Wind River subsidiary, which sells software for commercial and industrial devices.

Intel was pulling together a couple of its things that are already doing well and wants to accelerate those efforts, Davis said.