Intel set to speed up 14-nanometer Atoms

Intel is set to announce a speeded up release date for its 14-nanometer Atom chips.

Barrons reports Chipzilla will announce the date nearly six months ahead of its previous roadmaps.

At the moment the mobile market is controlled by licensees of ARM which has little to answer a 14-nanometer challenge. The 14 nm chips will be smaller and more efficient, it is promised.

Stage one for Intel is to get its 22-nanometer Atom chips in the shops, which is expected by the end of the year. Then Intel bring out its still-faster 14-nanometer designs, roughly by Q2 2014.

Barron’s deepthroat at Intel says the company is likely to announce a schedule at IDF that would significantly trim the inevitable one-year lag for boosting the Atom chip to the next level in speed.

This means that Atoms will go into 14-nanometer production just six months after the Core chips.

The 22-nanometer Atom chips probably are about at parity with ARM-based chips in delivering the same performance at comparable power levels. But 14nm threatens to give ARM a canning if Intel can get it into the shops early enough.

It will move Atom so that it has a power advantage over ARM. The announcement at IDF might even come with disclosure of specific dates on which production of the 14-nanometer Core and Atom chips will begin.