Intel set to release Cougar Point chipsets

Maker of chips and bits Intel is set to ship its next-generation Intel 6-series “Cougar Point” chipsets to motherboard makers.

Cougar Point is apparently not a bar where sexually available older women meet young men, but a chipset which supports Sandy Bridge microprocessors.

Apparently they are being shipped in mid-October, 2010 which means that Intel will begin shipments of actual next-gen CPUs in November.

According to Digitimes , motherboard makers are projected to start receiving volume shipments of Intel’s 6-series core-logic sets starting from October 18. Then it is a matter of making them to ship to manufacturers.

This times nicely for a formal launch during the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in early January. Intel will release the new CPUs as a key part of the Sugar Bay platform, powered by Intel 6-series chipsets.

Sandy Bridge-based desktop chips will make up for three percent of all Intel desktop processors in Q4 2010 so it was widely believed that the company will speed up their release and launch them in 2010.

The key feature of Sandy Bridge is Intel AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions) which will mean developers can increase performance in floating point, media, and processor intensive software.