Intel says super Xeons will arrive next February

Chipmaker Intel has said that it will bring out a 3.6GHz, Xeon server chip in February 2011.

The chip can apparently manage 4GHz without overclocking if you switch on the Turbo Boost technology.

According to CRN, which seems to have found a roadmap slide lying around, the Xeon X5687 is a 32 nanometer, quad core processor that is part of a big update of the Xeon 5600 series of dual socket server chips.

It has 12MB of L3 cache, eight compute threads and draws 130 watts of power. Also amongst the mix is a 3.46GHz, six core processor, the Xeon 5690, also with 12MB of L3 cache.

Both chips can do Hyper-Threading, AESNI, Intel Virtualization Technology, Trusted Execution Technology and Turbo Boost.

Going downhill, with the wind behind it, with Turbo Boost on, the X5687 could manage 4GHz if  three of its four cores are turned off, provided certain thermal conditions are met, and the Sun is trine Sirius while the Moon is in Scorpio.

Intel released the Xeon 5600 processors in March. Before that they were known and loved as Gulftown and Westmere EP. The series uses the 32nm process with as many as six cores and 12 compute threads.

Prices were not listed on the Intel roadmap, but the current Westmere EP product line top out at 3.46GHz for the quad-core Xeon X5677, currently priced at $1,633, and 3.33GHz for the six-core Xeon X5680, also priced at $1,633.

All of the forthcoming processors are lead-free and halogen-free, and are polar bear friendly.  The CRN story is here.