Intel revisits its mobile strategy

IntelEven though Intel turned in a whopping loss in its mobile unit of $4.2 billion last year, it hasn’t totally decided to throw in the towel on its strategy.

According to analysts at market intelligence firm Digitimes Research, by subsidising its Chinese partners it has created a pretty big supply chain and shipped 46 mobile CPUs last year.

While Intel is keeping its head low on the mobile front this year, the analysts at DR believe that there will still be solid business in China this year.

That’s particularly so because its supply chain is in place and the Atom X3 SoFIA which Intel has designed with its Chinese partner appears to have some traction in the marketplace.

Last year, Intel leaned on Asus to support its Android smartphone line but it appears that this year it is relying on Chinese unbranded, “white box” companies to keep its shipments buoyant.