Intel reveals Microsoft's Windows 8 ARM plans

Intel has gone ahead and leaked details of the Windows 8 ARM platform plans. 

According to Renée James at Intel’s Investor Meeting 2011 in Satan Clara, there will be four versions Microsoft is building for ARM.

The problem is, according to Intel, ARM versions won’t be able to work with legacy stuff and will instead be aimed squarely at mobile and tablet devices. 

That’s why Intel isn’t breaking a sweat, yet. There will also be a version for Intel chips to tackle the desktop. 

Otellini spoke up too. According to EE Times, he said: “Yes, the ARM guys are getting a port to Windows, but it’s really four ports because every OS has to be written to a chip, so Microsoft is really doing four ports of Windows to ARM.”

Specific details of Windows for ARM were left out by Otellini, but he reportedly showed slides that said they’ll be tailored to specific ARM cores, System on Chip flavours or cores from ARM’s robust range of licensees. 

ARM’s System on Chip variety for Windows 8 will also be fit for performing with Intel’s x86 line, but ARM’s equivalent won’t run “legacy apps not now or ever” according to Renée James.

Meanwhile, the PC version of Windows 8 will have a compatibility mode with Windows 7 and it will also support older applications.