Intel releases security aware Xeons

Chip firm Intel said it releasedWestmere” server processors based on 32 nanometer technology that will give a boost to data integrity and server virtualisation.

The Xeon 5600 series also give a performance boost of up to 60 percent, claimed Intel. It’s aiming to target 15 single core servers with just one server and reckons that will give a return on investment in five months. A third of Xeon customers still use single servers, said Intel.

The six core embedded CPUs include Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructs (AES-NI) and Trusted Execution Technology (TXT). That, said Intel, gives faster encryption and decryption performance for secure transactions and virtualised environments.

Intel’s Boyd Davis, director of  marketing of Intel’s Data Center Group, also claims a 92 percent reduction in energy cost. Server manufacturers will add further elements to give a faster payback.

The 5600 CPUs quad core chips clock at 3.46GHz with a TDP of 130 watts, while the six core chips clock 3.33GHz at the same TDP. There will also be other low voltage versions with TDPs of 60 watts and 40 watts for six and four cores.

Intel has also introduced the Xeon L3406, aimed at the single CPU server market but with a TDP of only 30 watts. Intel also introduced the Xeon E5645 and the L5638, a quad core L5618 and E5620 chips.

Prices for the 5600 Xeons are between $387 and $1,663 when you buy 1,000. The E5645, the L5638 and the L5618 embedded CPUs cost $958, $958 and $530 respectively. Motherboards for the Xeon 5500 will also support these newer chips.

Design wins for the 5600 include Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM and Oracle.