Intel releases new Quarks

0379b23e9845c9c652488c13f7bb557fc62a3642Chipmaker Intel has released a new IoT Platform reference architecture with new hardware and software products.

The whole thing is part of its cunning plan to get its foot in the door of the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

The products include new Intel Quark processors for IoT, free operating systems with a cloud suite from Wind River and analytics capabilities which are the key to ruling all things – at least the Internet of Things.

The new Quark chips draws just 27 milliwatts, or thousandths of a watt. Intel also relaxed its preference for the underlying x86 chip design that it has used since the 1980s. The new Quark D1000 chip, the first of the three products to become available, evolved from that design but doesn’t qualify as an x86 chip.

Douglas Davis, an Intel senior vice president who heads its IoT group, said the chip can’t run Windows or other software usually associated with x86 technology.

Intel Chief Executive Brian Krzanich said the company has made a series of investments related to the field, including funding startups that make drones, smartwatches and computerized eyewear.

One of the Quark chips announced by Intel this week includes built-in, pattern-matching circuitry to identify anomalies in information arriving from external sensors, the company said. The Quark chips also are designed to work in extremely high and low temperatures.

The Intel Quark microcontroller D1000 is available now, while the Intel Quark microcontroller D2000 will be available by the end of this year. The Intel Quark SE SoC for IoT will be available in the first half of 2016.