Intel releases new price lists

Intel has released its new price list yesterday and there are 11 new products or price drops included.

The list, which was found by Hexus , said that there are the new top-end CPUs for the Core i7 and Core i5 families.  The Core i7-870 has seen its price halved.

There’s also a new low-power version of the 870 – the 870S.

The Atom family is breeding like American trailer trash. There are a couple of additions to the Atom targeted at small form-factor desktops.  

This is the category that Intel insists on calling “nettops” which sounds to us like something a stripper would wear.

What is interesting in this price list is that it should give AMD, with its coming launch of its ‘fusion’, a reason to be happy.

It looks like Intel is not really that interested in stopping AMD getting its elbows into the mobile computing space with a serious price war.

However it looks like Intel may be looking to consolidate its position in the desktop market which is something that AMD may not be too happy about.