Intel releases new batch of fourth-generation Core processors

Fashion bag maker Intel has taken time out from its busy round of catwalks and shows to release a new batch of fourth-generation Core processors designed for notebooks.

Nine new mobile Haswell CPUs have hit the shops and are a mix of Core i5 and i7 chips that will power performance portables, though a couple are ultra-low-voltage (ULV) processors that can be used in Ultrabooks.

The cheapest one is the i5-4310M at $225 and it will have two cores which will run at 2.7GHz. If you spend $40 more, you can pick up a i5-4340M which goes to 2.9GHz. For thinner systems, there is the 2GHz i5-4310U and the 1.5GHz 4360U. Oddly, the 4360U costs more than the other ULV chip despite having a lower clock speed because it uses Intel’s HD 5000 graphics.

Intel has released five new Core i7 processors for the gaming market. There is one dual-core version, the $346 i7-4610M. The remaining ones are all quad cores, ranging from the 2.8GHz i7-4810MQ to the 3.1GHz i7-4940MX Extreme Edition, which is priced at $1,096. The i7-4860HQ only runs at 2.4GHz, but makes use of HD 5200 graphics.

The chips are a bit of a yawn. They are not significantly better than their predecessors only managing 100MHz higher than the third generation Haswell CPUs. Still, faster is better. They should be released under the bonnet of products in a few months.