Intel releases a chip – shock

Intel bus - Wikimedia CommonsChipzilla has officially launched its new Xeon Processor E5 v4 today.

Xeon E5 v4, which will replace last year’s E5 v3 series will target a wide array of market segments, from high-performance professional workstations to multi-socket servers for big data. In fact the v4 is pretty similar and is even socket compatible.

The Broadwell-EP based Xeon E5 v4 uses Intel’s more advanced 14nm process node and the biggest of the chips can feature up to 22 processor cores (44 threads). The E5 v4 series still supports up to quad-channel DDR4 memory, but the maximum supported speed now tops out at 2400MT/s, up from 2133MT/s.

While this is significant, the rest of the platform remains mostly unchanged. Thanks to its additional cores, the E5-2600 v4 series now features up to 55MB of last-level cache. Support for 3D die stacked LRDIMMs has been added, along with DDR4 write CRC, and of course the higher speeds. Though, with three 3DS LRDIMMs per channel, the max supported frequency drops down to 1600MHz.

The changes to the Xeon E5 V4 family’s memory configuration bring in reduced latency and increased bandwidth. Intel’s numbers show up to a 15 per cent increase in bandwidth with latency reductions across the board.

In addition to these high-level updates, there are also new virtualization and security related features, along with more performance and efficiency enhancements as too.