Intel ready to open Chinese Dalian fab

The $2.5 billion Intel spent to build a fab in Dalian in China will be ready to roll by the end of its month. And Intel’s $1 billion testing and assembly factory in Vietnam is ready for production, too.

That’s according to Dow Jones Newswire, quoting a man familiar with Intel’s plans – to wit, Navin Shenoy, its APAC general manager.

The Dalian plant will make chipsets using 12-inch wafers and will employ around 1,500 people. The Vietnamese site will hire around 4,000 people, according to Dow Jones.

Shenoy told the wire that the low penetration of PCs in the Asian market means that it is a prime target for Intel – India, in particular, has a particularly low PC penetration rate, and the chip giant also wants to penetrate other potentially large Asian markets, such as Indonesia.

Earlier this week, Intel announced record earnings for its quarter.

Shenoy said that while Intel is always open to buying companies, currently it doesn’t have any targets of desire in its sights. Dow Jones is here (sub needed).