Intel readies Oak Trail tablets for Computex

Some would suggest Intel has missed the boat on mobile processing . But this year it’s planning to launch a plucky canoe into starboard of ARM’s chippy galleon, promising Oak Trail tablets on the market from May.

Abandoning nautical references for a moment, ARM, TechEye has heard, is very sceptical about Intel… on the high seas. Earlier this year at Mobile World Congress we reported how it believes, if it wanted to, it could steal Intel’s laptop etc. share in a flash – as it is already firmly established in the mobile computing field. 

The next big trade show is Computex in Taiwan, which is where Intel is expected to show off tablets running on Oak Trail. Oak Trail is touted as a power efficient chip which will let processors process for up to 10 hours battery life but it’s probably a tad less than that. 

Oak Trail tablets, reports PC Advisor, will be paired with Windows 7 and will see releases from Lenovo, Fujitsu and Samsung

Meanwhile we presume Intel is struggling with the doomed MeeGo as Nokia shifted its alliance over to the Mighty Imperium of Redmond, but it will hope both find their way into mobile devices this year. 

Last November we reported that Oak Trail had started mass production where it was expected products will ship with the chip some time at the start of 2011.