Intel readies 40 new server chips

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured another hell on earth yarn that Intel is about to summon up a flock of over 40 Romneys.

Our friends in New Zealand insist Romneys are sheep, but apparently it’s the name that Intel plucked out of a bunny’s hat for its new range of server chips. We guess it liked the name because the chips are easy to manage and are practically invulnerable to footrot and flystrike.

According to Digitimes, which keeps its ear to the ground and can hear the Romney’s baa softly in the distance, Chipzilla is about to let 40 out of the pen in the first half of 2012. 20 models will appear over two quarters.

In the first quarter, Intel will release two six-core processors, a Xeon E5-1660 and 1650 and a quad-core processor priced at $1,080, $583 and $294. There will be seven eight-core processors including the Xeon E5-2690, four six-core processors including the E5-2640, three quad-core processors including the E5-2609 and a dual-core processor, the E5-2637.

Halfway through the year it will release 11 Ivy Bridge-H2 series CPUs including the Xeon E3-1290v2. These will be on the shelves priced between $189-884. There will also be a magnificent seven more processors including the Xeon E5-2470, costing between $192 and $1,440.

For those more worried about their power bills, Intel will release the juice friendly eight-core Xeon E5-2650L, six-core E5-2630L, priced at $1,106 and $662 in the first quarter, and the Xeon E5-2450L and six-core E5-2430L priced at $1,106 and $662.