Intel pumps $30 million into cloud research

Firms seem to be lining up to shout at us about how the cloud is the exciting future of computing.

And it seems that Intel agrees, announcing that it will be pumping $30 million into research labs to look at development of the technology.

Also on the agenda is working into the future of embedded chip technology.

The chip firm’s IntelLabs arm will be creating two newIntel Science and Technology Centres, both to be situated at the Carnegie Mellon University. 

The cloud computing research will delve into technology that includes “built-in application optimisation”, better support of big data analysis as online data grows, and the extension of cloud services “to the network edge and even to client services”.

In the future Intel reckons we could be seeing info streamed through a pair of glasses, with cloud-sourced data whispered into your ear, said a statement in full-on speculation mode.

Either that or we will get more boring cloud press releases, we will just have to wait and see for now.

But as there is no proposed release date for Intel’s magic talking glasses we can guess what is most likely.

In terms of embedded computing Intel says that it will team up with leading US universities to look at addressing what it sees as a growth in popularity of “mobile real-time and personalized technology”.

This will likely centre around making it easier for all manner of devices to collect, analyse and use data from sensors and via the web. 

So expect of cars with customer recognition that triggers personalised entertainment, or better route planning and so on.

The announcement comes as part of Intel’s commitment to ploughing $100 million into university research over in the states.