Intel Poulson candidate spotted in the wild

Rather than looking for things like Big Foot or UFOs, it seems that the latest craze in the tech press is a game called “spot the Poulson”. The rules of the game are quite simple.

Spend all your days looking through Intel’s schedules and computer e-tailer sites for Itanium chips.

See if there is one which has an unusual number or spec that  not been announced before.

Speculate that you have finally seen a Poulson.

To be fair, CPU World, which is the latest claimant for seeing a Poulson in the wild, is expecting to see the real deal any day now.

The next generation of Intel Itanium processors is supposed to be available this quarter. But so far Chipzilla has not mentioned anything about a launch.

CPU World’s latest siting has been a few unknown Itanium CPUs, possibly Poulson parts, in Intel’s Product Change Notification (PCN).

The PCN was published yesterday, and it notifies customers about CPU tray design modification. The Xeon E7, Itanium 9300 series is mentioned and also a previously unheard of Itanium 9500 series.

Processors with model numbers 9520, 9540, 9550 and 9560 are mentioned and 9xxx numbers were used only for Itanium products.

So it is a good bet that the new chips belong to Itanium family. However, part numbers and S-spec numbers of these CPUs are unknown so these must be Poulson. QED.

According to the PCN, they will be clocked from 1.73 GHz for Itanium 9520, and up to 2.53 GHz for Itanium 9560.