Intel plays the philanthropy card again

Chip giant Intel – the major purveyor of handbags for all – is now painting itself as a philanthropist and portraying itself as a major force for educating young women.

In a remarkable advertisement posted on the interweb, Chipzilla claims that it is at the forefront for change and education. But as the world+dog knows, the only thing that the failing semiconductor giant cares about is profit, and certainly not people.

Intel is running out of options. Senior executives at the firm over the last 20 years have made it entirely clear that it will do practically anything as long as it sells more chips.

But people have tired of the X86 phenomenon and are getting pretty bored with Microsoft, too. Intel had its chance to break into the tablet market years ago, but preferred to stay on the gravy train, while peddling – maybe a better pedalling fast to stay still.

Now it has run out of marketing options and doesn’t have a clue what to do except play the philanthropy card, yet again.  Everyone knows Intel is greedy but its shareholders must be wondering when the train on the bridge falls into the semiconductor equivalent of the Tay.

You can find the egregious video Intel is pushing by viewing below.