Intel plans Pakistan tablet rollout

Fashion bag maker Intel will start rolling out its tablets and detachables into the Pakistani market in the second half of 2013.

According to the Tribune, Kamil Hasan, the director for Intel’s partners in the Asia Pacific region said that Intel was starting off small with seven-inch tablets by the end of June or early July. Intel’s Ultrabook 2-in-1 detachable will also be coming in the next two months.

The move is in line with global trends whereby more consumers are expected to abandon laptops for tablets.

However Intel is having to compete with Chinese tablets already available for as low as $70. But it appears that current market trends show very little support for the low-end tablets.

Chipzilla tablets will end up costing punters $130, the chip maker insists its tablets are not meant for the low-end customers. Apparently 30 percent of low end tablets will be returned because they break. It, therefore, makes sense to spend a little more on quality, Hasan stressed.

However, analysts think that Intel is barking up the wrong tree in Pakistan and say that the market is not ready for tablets.

Part of the problem is that tablets need high-speed internet and Pakistan’s net is basically two baked bean tins with a piece of string in some regions.  

Hasan admits that the area has a long way to go. Buying and downloading a song from an app store takes three seconds in Singapore, downloading the same in Pakistan will take at least 15 minutes.