Intel plans new budget chips

It seems that Intel wants to milk as much as it can from Sandy Bridge before it is consigned to the tar pit of evolution.

According to CPU World,  just before the launch of Ivy Bridge mobile microprocessors in April 2012, Intel is going to release several new budget and mid-class models based on almost year old Sandy Bridge.

It will be presented as an update to the mobile Celeron family and will be seen as two mainstream and two ultra-low-voltage CPUs.

The word on the street had been that they will be in the shops in the quarter 2012 – however it looks like they will be out next week.

Also coming are new Core i3-2370M and i5-2450M SKUs these have been spotted in the HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook and will probably also come out on December 11.

It looks like each new mobile CPU will have boosted clock speed by 100MHz while keeping all other features.

Take for example the dual-core Pentium B970,  it seems it will have a 2MB level 3 cache and 2.3 GHz core frequency, which is 100 MHz higher than on the so-called Pentium B960. Other B970 features will be the sa,e as the currently produced microprocessors from B9xx series. CPU World is expecting to see on-chip HD graphics, no hyper threading, SSE4 support, and it will fit into a 35 watt power envelope which will not not need a stamp or a tracking number.

The B970, along with Core i3-2370M and Core i5-2450M, will be available in dv6 notebooks from December 11.

The product numbers are Core i3-2370M, Core i5-2450M, Mobile Celeron 797, Mobile Celeron 867, BGA1023, Mobile Celeron B720, Mobile Celeron B815 and the Pentium B970.