Intel plans Malaysian layoffs

Chipzilla is planning lay-offs at its Malaysian plants and chuck an undisclosed but “relatively small” number of workers into the cold and the snow by Christmas.

Twirling his large black moustache, a Chipzilla spokesman said that Intel continually “optimises its resources in line with its evolving business requirements”.

Sticking that through our PR translate software, Intel does not have much work at the plant and needs to save a bob or two.

Local media said that “small number figure” is about 300 jobs at its plants in the northern states of Penang and Kulim. That is not a lot in terms of Intel’s global workforce, but quite a few for a couple of plants.

Intel appears to be “optimising its resources” in other parts of the world too. In September, Chipzilla said that it was closing its oldest factory in Hudson in the US where 700 workers will lose their jobs, er become optimised resources.

Intel is starting to prefer larger, newer factories in Arizona and Oregon as well as plants in Ireland, Israel and China.