Intel plans a tablet and smart phone chip

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which suggests that Intel has redrawn its roadmap to include a tablet and smartphone chip range.

The source of the rumour is Digitimes which claims that Chipzilla has been developing chips that will be used in tablets in secret with the sole aim of getting back into the tablet and smartphone market.

Digitimes said that the launch of new tablet processors from Intel aims to take on ARM’s CPUs, especially in terms of thermal design power (TDP) and performance.

The chips are codenamed Airmont, Silvermont and Saltwell. The Airmont will be 32 nm, the Silvermonth will be 22nm and the Saltwell is 14nm.

All these will be released over the next three years, which is quite a long time in technology but the roadmap will start next year, which is not all that far away.

The chips will be designed exclusively for smartphones and tablets with the thermal design power (TDP) PCs lowered to 10W in the next two years with the manufacturing processes of new chips to be upgraded every year, instead of a span of two years currently

Although Digitimes has an industry reputation for interviewing its own typewriters, it also gets it right.  This rumour is similar to one wot we wrote about Chipzilla updating its Celeron range