Intel plans 8 core Itanium release

Intel has revealed its plans to introduce eight cores and a 32-nanometre manufacturing process on its forthcoming 9500 series Itanium 64-bit processor.

The big idea is that the Itanium is getting a bit slow and companies like Oracle think it is doomed.

But according to a reference manual published this week Chipzilla plans to release a better version of the chip.

It will provide chips with 16 KB instruction sets and data caches for each core.

The number of Poulson chips will be doubled and the processors will support DDR-3 800 and 1066 error-correcting memory, as well as featuring HyperThreading and Virtualisation.

There is no word on clock-speeds which is a little silly given that is what the effort is supposed to achieve.

Earlier reports suggested the processors could range between 1.73 GHz and 2.53GHz.

Earlier this year a US judge ordered the unsealing of documents in the case which showed that HP had agreed to pay Intel $US690 million between 2009 and 2014 to keep the Itanium alive.