Intel part Joy ride to the Future nearly opens for business

We missed the very first Intel Developers Forum at Palm Springs but have missed very few since. Chipzilla does realise that we have to be fed and watered and started off by giving we indigent international journalists lots of bits of paper, for breakfast, dinner and tea.

Some very very naughty souls discovered you could trade these with the bar staff and in the early days even get change from the coloured bits of paper.  Intel’s roadmap for food coupons for IDF has varied from year to year, but not radically. Not until 2011. Now until now. We’ve never been given Amex reward cards and are going to benchmark these until we drop.

Intel food coupons

Now I remember Rupert Goodwins commenting on an IDF I didn’t attend, think it was because I was at Harefield Hospital having my tubes successfully attended to.  Wonder if Harefield is still using that BBC Micro?  Rupert suggested there should be a cardboard cut out of me at the bar – and indeed we’ll miss Rupert this year. Perhaps we should go for a cardboard cutout of the biggest tequilas Rupert and I ever drank at IDF.

Now lastly, Intel uses some very professional firm called Black Tie to ferry the scruffy international hacks to and from the airport.  Tarinder Sandhu from Hexus was supposed to be on the fright, but he wasn’t.  Hope he’s OK.

There are still some other old contemptibles here, however, and no doubt we will learn more of their progress during the week. We’ll also keep you up to date on the new Amex vouchers and how they’re panning out.