Intel opens new research centre in Israel

After Intel stunned its chums in Israel by not taking up its offer to extend its fab operations in the Promised Land and look at Ireland instead, it was thought that the outfit had given up on the region.

Now it seems that Chipzilla will open a new Israel research institute which will cooperate with several academic institutes towards research into computational intelligence.

According to the Israeli press,  the institute will begin operations in early 2012 and will be managed jointly by researchers from Intel and various academic institutes.

It will look at topics that need computerised systems and the power of analysis and understanding resembling the capabilities of the human brain.

Apparently Intel wants an infrastructure for what makes intelligent thinking. The cunning plan is to make computers process data from sensors and convert it into sensible information. We guess that it will also mean that it will create a computer that has no interest in football, reality television and questions the very nature of the twilight phenomenon.

Intel VP and Microprocessor and Chip Development Group general manager Ron Friedman said, mankind will take advantage of its systems in order to interpret received data.

Intel operates four R&D centres in Israel in Haifa, Petah Tikva, Jerusalem and Yakum.