Intel moves into Burma

Now that Burma’s generals have stopped killing its citizens, Intel thinks that the time is right to move into the country.

Apparently the company has plans to begin providing its technologies via local Ingram Micro distributor KMD next year.

It will mean that Intel CPUs, motherboards and solid-state drives will be the first to get a foot in the door to the developing economy.

Uday Marty, managing director of Intel’s business in Southeast Asia, said that Chipzilla had been encouraged by developments in Myanmar and believes that now is the right time for Intel to be supporting the nation’s growth.

He said that the chip maker would help provide technologies and education programmes. It would help to improve the social and economic welfare and prospects of the people of Myanmar, the company claims. It is also looking at exploring partnerships with the Myanmar government on education and digital literacy in 2013.

Intel’s Thailand office will reportedly play a significant leadership role in sales and marketing, Marty said.

Of course the fact that the country is restructuring after years of isolation and needs technology to bring it up to par, and that Intel is the first on the scene with a lot of chips it can’t shift in other countries, is nothing to do with it.