Intel, Marvell, Freescale sued over power management

A case started in a Delaware District Court accusing Freescale, Marvell and Intel of infringing a power management patent.

The case was brought by Power Management Solutions, which alleges that the three semiconductor firms infringed patent number 5,504,909. This patent has the catchy title: Power Management Apparatus Collocated on the same Integrated Circuit as the Functional Unit that it manages.

Freescale, it’s alleged, breaches this patent with ICs including the i.MX595.

Intel, it’s alleged, breaches this patent with the Atom Z6xx series of microprocessors. “Intel does not have a licence or other authorisation to practise the claims set forth in ‘909 Patent,” the filing said.

Marvell also is claimed to breach this patent by selling integrated circuits using the PXA940.

Power Management wants a jury to find against the three defendants and dole it out large sums of money.