Intel makes robot from 3D printed parts

Fashion bag maker Intel is going to release a kitset for a walking, talking robot to match its nice handbags.

The robot will be made from 3D-printed parts that will be available to consumers later this year, if they are willing to assemble it. It will cost about $1,600.

The company’s Chief Executive Brian Krzanich was accompanied by “Jimmy” on stage at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The white 2-foot tall robot shuffled onto the stage, introduced itself and then waved its arms and then we think Jimmy came on.

Intel describes Jimmy as a research robot, but the company intends to make 3D-printable plans available without charge for a slightly less advanced version, and partners will sell components that cannot be 3D-printed, such as motors and an Intel Edison processor, in kits.

Apparently the robot can sing, translate languages, send tweets and serve a cold beer.

Owners of the robots will be able to program them to perform unique tasks. They can then share the programs with other owners as downloadable apps.

Chipzilla thinks that the price for the robot kits will fall below $1,000 within five years.