Intel makes Braswell pledge

Chipzilla is starting to ramp up the promotion of Braswell which will be a mobile alternative to Broadwell.

So far Intel and been doing reasonably well with its low-power Bay Trail and Haswell processors among budget notebook and tablet makers. But Intel is promising its Braswell next-gen chips will offer better performance and lower power consumption, while still targeting devices that sell for under $500.

The new chips, code-named Braswell, will be available as a low-cost, low-power alternative to the 5th gen Core processors, code-named Broadwell.

Intel says Braswell system-on-a-chip products will be based on a 14 nanometer design, which should help make the chips more efficient than the 22nm Haswell and Bay Trail chips they’ll replace. Braswell is expected to find a home in future Chromebooks.

Chipzilla is also planning 64-bit Bay trail chips for Android and Windows tablets with prices that could start as low as $99.

Intel has introduced a version of Android 4.4 KitKat with a kernel that has been optimised for Intel’s new 64-bit Bay Trail chips.