Intel makes a play for the Super Bowl

Intel is apparently planning on literally getting back in the game, with the company preparing for a Super Bowl onslaught of cringe worthy jokes and a new series of ads for its 2010 Core Processor family.

“Get several servings of chips, hold the salsa,” is the tagline Intel’s marketing geniuses have come up with for the Super Bowl ad extravaganza, proving the firm’s point from its “Sponsors of Tomorrow campaign,” that Intel’s comedians just aren’t like our comedians. Mainly because they’re not particularly funny.

“On a stage typically crowded with colas, cars and Clydesdales, the upcoming Super Bowl telecast is making room for geeks,” Intel proudly announces in a press release, although we fail to see what an American football game has to do with a breed of Scottish farm horses. Or maybe the reference was in honour of Burns’ night.

Intel goes on to whinny about the fact advertising at the Super Bowl –set for February 7th – is a sure-fire way to leverage super high visibility and give communications support to its products. Even though it’s unlikely to be as popular as Janet Jackson flashing her nipples.

As well as having three 30-second spots to air two new ads promising us an “evolved storyline” packed with “geek humour”, Intel will also apparently be the title sponsor of the post-game show on CBS.

“We could have taken a serious approach to touting the industry’s most advanced processors, but the overwhelming success of our ‘Sponsors of Tomorrow’ ads tells us ‘geek humor’ works,” said Deborah Conrad, vice president and general manager of Intel’s corporate marketing Group.

“Intel inside those devices means you are getting the best from the geniuses who are coming up with your next favorite thing,” she continued, in her best impression of Julie Andrews.

Mike Magee's bummmm tee-shirt, his photoThe ads will follow up from the “Sponsors of Tomorrow” ads which featured Anjay Bhatt, inventor of the USB, and the rallying cry for the homeless, “bum, bum-bum-bum-bum!”

“Our new ads continue to poke fun at smart people, and the folks working at Intel are among the smartest around,” boasted Conrad.

Last year Intel was one of four co-sponsors to make a 3-D ad for the Super Bowl, but going it alone is something the chip giant hasn’t done for 12 years, so let’s hope it doesn’t drop the ball.

“We look forward to strengthening the Intel brand and putting a smile on the faces of some 100 million people as they grab the last of the hot wings and go in for another dip of guacamole,” said Conrad.

Yes, Intel, and don’t forget the cheese while you’re at it.