Intel leaks Medfield tablet platform

Chipzilla has leaked out details on its Medfield tablet platform and while these are the base specs for the system on a chip, they hardly set the world on fire.

The SoC has a 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and FM radios, and some kind of GPU. To make matters worse it is expected that the smartphone flavour will probably be clocked even slower.

VR Zone said that the chip scores 10,500 in CaffeineMark 3, a Java-based cross-platform benchmark. This is better than Nvidia’s Tegra 2, which by comparison, scores just 7,500 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon MSM8260 scores 8,000. But the problem is that these chips have been out for about a year and are about to be replaced at roughly the same time that Medfield comes out.

Medfield has a 2.6-watt TDP when idling, which peaks up to 3.6W when playing 720p video. It is expected that the final chips, which ship early next year, aim to cut this down to 2W and 2.6W respectively. While this is not bad at all, it is in line with the latest ARM chips so not much special.

That said, it’s a leak. Intel might give its rival in ARM a good kicking eventually. Medfield should have come out with figures that are a bit sexier than that if Intel really wants to get its foot in the door of the mobile market.