Intel lays claim to the internet of fangs

After realising that it’s a bit behind the rest of the semiconductor world, Chipzilla (tick: INTC) has rolled out some marchitecture and claiming it’s still on the roadmap – especially about the internet of things/fangs.

Last week Intel was accused of fabricating data about its gate sizes, while Moore’s Law was called into question. To be fair, Samsung, GlobalFoundries (GloFo) and TSMC were also accused of fabricating data too.

Fangs ain’t what they’re used to be, but Intel rolled out a number of products which it hopes will bring revenues real soon now.

Those include the Atom Bay Trail E3800, some gateway stuff that uses software from McAfee and Wind River.

Intel still uses a capital “I” for the internet and Ton Steenman, VP of Intel’s intelligent systems group rolled out the perfect storm of a marchitecture statement.

Steenman was made to say by the PR spinners: The Internet of Things consists of a wide range of Internet-connected devices, from a simple pedometer to a complex CT scanners.  The true value in the Internet (sic) of Things is realized (sic) when these intelligent devices communicate and share data with each other and the cloud, uncovering information and actionable insight that can transform business. As a leader in computing solutions from the device to the datacenter, Intel is focused on driving intelligence in new devices and gateways to help connect the billions of existing devices.”

Now what can all that mean? No-one from Intel was available for comment at press time.