Intel launches new Clover Trail

Intel is launching its next-generation Clover Trail platform today.

Dubbed the Z2760, the new SoC is a dual-core, quad-threaded device clocked at up to 1.8GHz. It can manage 2GB of RAM and has a single PowerVR SGX545 core to do the graphics.

Chipzilla wants the chip to end up on tablets expected to launch simultaneously with Windows 8.

The Z2760 is similar to Medfield, Intel’s 32nm smartphone platform, but Chipzilla has beefed up some of the subsystems.

For example it has better power management and er that is it really.

The system can remain in what Intel calls connected standby, reducing power consumption to practically nothing without completely shutting off.

Clover Trail has been on the drawing board for four years. Intel’s idea for a MID (Mobile Internet Device) were much mocked but the first Atoms did wonders in showing the world the merits of making low cost PCs.

Intel is hoping that PC manufacturers are hoping to move in volume will rely on Clover Trail.

If they are right then traditional PC vendors will be able to enter a market dominated by Apple, Amazon, and Samsung. This could give a much needed boost for the Wintel alliance.

If they are wrong then the entire IT market is about to get turned on its head.

Nokia’s new Lumia 920 handset is being priced up to 25 percent higher than the rival Samsung Galaxy S3, risking a consumer backlash that could endanger its attempt to restore its fortunes.