Intel launches free Open FCoE software stack upgrade

Intel has launched Open Fibre Channel over Ethernet (OFoC), a free software stack that will speed up data centre traffic over unified networking.

The Open Fibre Channel over Ethernet technology can be run using Intel’s 10Gb Ethernet Server Adapter X520 range or Cisco’s Nexus 10Gb Ethernet switches, which can significantly boost speeds across the network.

Compatibility for Open FcoE is supported by a number of companies, including Cisco, Dell, EMC, Netapp, Oracle and Red Hat, all of whom have worked closely with Intel.

Intel claims it will also save companies lots of money and have a lower environmental impact. It estimated that infrastructure costs could be lowered by 29 percent and cable costs could be cut by 80 percent, while power usage could be halved.

In fact, Intel believes its new technology is so good that it can reduce IT spending throughout the world by a whopping $3 billion per year and that in the process 400 million feet of data centre cabling will be saved, which it claims is enough to wrap around the Earth three times.

Open FcoE is part of Intel’s aims for Cloud 2015 and part of its Open Data Centre initiative announced in October.

Those who have any of Intel’s X520 range of products can get a free update to Intel Open FCoE.