Intel kills off chip ranges

Intel has been taking an axe to some of its chip range in preparation for the launch of Ivy Bridge in the middle of next year.

To be fair, we don’t expect many people to mourn the passing of some of these chips which have not been doing well anyway.

CPU World said that Intel would probably be killing off these desktop models anyway because of low demand.

According to Chipzilla’s Product Change Notification (PCN) documents, following 19 socket 1366, socket 1156, and socket 1155 chips are eating their last meal before they go for the final walk.

These include: the Pentium G6950, G6960, G620, G620T and G840. The Core i3-540 and i3-2100T. The Core i5-650, i5-660, i5-670, i5-680 and i5-2300 and the Core i7-860, i7-870, i7-930, i7-950, i7-960, i7-980 and i7-990X.

What is surprising is some of the discontinued processors, like Pentium G840 and Core i7-980, have been in production a little over six months. The Core i7-960 has been shipping since the end of 2009 or beginning of 2010.

It looks like the CPUs will be be designated “Norwegian Blue” on June 29, 2012. The last batch will be shipped to OEMs on December 7, 2012. Boxed CPUs will ship until Intel runs out.

We would expect these to be flogged fairly cheaply so there could be some Chrimbo bargains out there.