Intel Itanium Solutions page goes down with all hands lost

It’s a good week not to publicise bad news for the Intel Corporation and so you probably won’t see a press release from Chipzilla about the untimely demise of the page, which now redirects to

Itanium Solutions are, of course a bit thin on the ground, what with Oracle throwing its toys out of the pram last year. HP, loyal to the last, still believes in the Itanic. Well, it would, wouldn’t it?

We’d love to know how much money Intel has wasted, sorry invested on the Itanic fool’s errand. But getting that information out of Chipzilla is like getting money out of a stone.

And to think that when Intel first launched it at a Palm Springs IDF back in the daze, it was going to be the premier games platform by 2004. I am hanging out at the lascivious Crazy Horse at the MGM Grand this year: Motto – Seducing audiences since 1951.