Intel is more interested in bags than microprocessors

It is no wonder that Intel (tick: INTC) is in trouble, and when we say trouble, we mean deep deep trouble.

Marketeers at the chip Leviathan are now pushing “bags” as the solution to all of INTC’s problems. The former chip Behemoth now reckons that if it can persuade women to buy posh bags instead of cutting edge microprocessors, its compounded problems are at an end. Women, sorry, are not that stupid.

Intel as a “bag manufacturer” is not really at the cutting edge of microprocessor technology. We at TechEye, for example, would be surprised if INTC could overtake UK firm Targus on this front.

Yet Intel continues to insist its “fashion bags” are great. If I were you, I would not buy Ultrabags! Intel is not seeding Ultrabooks any more, Intel UK is telling me. It is seeding fashion Ultrabags.

Go figure, Sean Maloney and Paul Otellini. It is nuts bananas marketing. Some marketing idiot is pushing bags, rather than microprocessor technology.