Intel invests in big data in little China

Fashion bag maker Intel is pouring cash into Chinese tech firms that are helping to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing and analytics.

Intel has spent $670 million with more than 110 technology vendors since entering China in 1998. Recently it bought BlueWhale, a network storage and IT management software that specialises in business continuity.

Intel has its claws in China Cloud, one of the country’s largest outsourcing providers and an emerging player in the international infrastructure-as-as-service arena.  This week Intel bought the unfortunately named Yeapoo, a provider of mobile marketing software that claims to serve “thousands of enterprises”. It makes tools for creating platform-independent web pages, analysing consumer sentiment and targeting content to specific audiences.

Intel enterprise software strategy chief Pauline Nist told Silicon Angle that the new tools are buying industry-standard hardware, put a pile of it together in parallel and running these new tools to help you go through that data.

“Intel is happy to see this turn into something that gobbles up silicon, after all that’s what we do for a business.”

While that is understandable the question is why Intel can’t find similar products or material in the West.  Price might have something to do with it, but perhaps the harder innovation that Chipzilla needs can’t be found in the consumer product dominated West.